On Muscles and Inches

Hi there! I wanted to share with you my journey on using the 30 Day Shred. I have known and used this method in the past and I can say for sure that this is effective, safe, and best of all-NOT A QUICK FIX. I have heard of many diets going around, my auntie, for one is a fan of those. When the lettuce diet was a fad, she ate nothing but lettuce and a few viands. When those laxative teas were advertised, she used those to lose weight. Last September, she heard of the Skyflakes diet and she indulged in that too! Sure she grew thin but not a good kind of thin. She lost weight and inches because she starved herself. She deprived herself of the nutrients that can be found in a healthy diet. Guess what her answer is everytime I ask her why she keeps on dieting.

She believes that “being skinny means being healthy.”

And that’s just wrong. Being thin does not immediately mean one is healthy nor does being overweight mean one is not. There are several factors to consider with regards to being healthy and not just physical appearance. A few months after dieting, she gained back her lost inches and pounds. Why? Because it was the wrong way of losing weight.

That is something I vowed never to do, no matter how much weight I gain, I will never, ever, resort to quick fixes especially if it compromises health. Ask yourself. Is it really worth it? Will I not regret this decision? Can I not seek other activities to help me lose weight? How does this affect my body, not just externally but also internally? 

The use of laxatives alone is not recommended for those without any signs of constipation. Otherwise, your bowel will become “addicted” to your regular use of laxatives and instead of developing a healthy bowel movement, the more you promote constipation. Dehydration and loss of electrolytes are alarming side effects of the use of laxatives, which, if not properly managed, may lead to the hospitalization of an individual for forced induction of lost fluids and electrolytes.

Scared yet?

Alright, now, there are other alternatives to losing weight and the very first thing to keep in mind is that this is a process, not a one stop, one click fix. You gained those inches for several months so expect to work your butt off to shed.

The 30 Day Shred is a program by Jillian Michaels, a known trainer in the TV show The Biggest Loser. It is divided into 3 levels, increasing the load of exercise every level but all within 30 minutes. The only equipment needed are a mat and some weights. It is recommended that newbies follow 10 days for level 1 then the next 10 for level 2 then the last 10 for level 3 for a total of 1 month. I prefer using a different level everyday. I read somewhere that this method surprises the muscles leading to a more effective workout. This also promotes muscle growth and more muscles means faster metabolism.

I was my heaviest(70kg) during the PNLE and NMAT review days that once they were finished I vowed to shred off those added inches. Enter Jillian Michaels. Her videos are uploaded in YouTube by the way so check them out if you have time. After 2 months, I’ve lost 10 kg! Here’s the 2 months documentation:

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Happy workout! 😁



Foodie’s First Bae

Guess who?

I’ll give you some clues. He’s black, short, and hot. Also, he’s not a he.

Ok, ok, before you get any other ideas, my first bae was my LG gas oven. Yes, an oven I can call my own. Finally I can bake to my heart’s content.


Photo grabbed from the net


The oven was similar to what my sister-in-law has, actually it was literally the same model, just in a different color. It came with 3 gas burners, an electric plate, 2 baking pans and a grill as well as a rotassiere. It was the complete package. Unfortunately one thing I hated was that my parents preferred using our separate LG gas range, and since I only bake on the weekends, the oven and the range shared only one Shellane gas tank therefore, to use the oven I needed to call upon my parents to transfer the tubing from the connection of the range to the tubing for the oven. It was not until 2 years earlier that they finally trusted me enough to teach me how to transfer the tubings and I cannot believe how simple it is. #strictparents.

I think they were traumatized when my father transferred the tubings and switched on the knob for the oven thinking that it would automatically ignite. Little did he know that this oven was not similar to the oven we have today. To light this oven you need to place a lighted match or use a lighter gun on the holes at the bottom of the oven where the gas exits as you turn on the knob. Okay going back, he left it on for about 3 minutes with the oven door closed and left. When I opened it holding the lighter gun, whooosh, flames erupted towards me, right towards my face. Haaaaaay. Thank the Lord I was quick in my actions as I quickly moved away from the flame. I quickly washed my face and my arms thinking that I got burnt. Thankfully  only the hairs on my arms my eyelash were all curled up and dissipared upon contact with water. To be honest, I did not bear hate towards my father for that incident. I was actually angry at the oven! Haha childish I know (#transference) so much that I didn’t use it for several weeks. As for the batter mixture, my mom was the one who baked it.

That oven was my companion in the kitchen for several years, thus the many pounds and inches hahaha😂. I even remember selling my baked goods to my classmates in high school which actually continued on until college.

Anyway, as things go, there came the time that we must part. Third year college came and with it came more chapters to read, leaving little time to bake. Sadly, I gave up my hobby of baking. Fourth year was especially daunting, when even the weekends where taken up by the PNLE review, thus, baking was totally off the list.

Came November 2015, my mom decided to sell the oven. It was very rarely used then, and rather than reducing it to rust, I posted an ad on OLX.ph to sell the oven. Hurrah hurrah, not long after, a woman from Michigan saw my ad and requested her daughter to purchase it. She seemed very eager to purchase the oven so I had no doubt in my mind that it would be well taken care of. By December, the new owners came for Bae and I said goodbye for the last time. 💔


Meet The Foodie

Let’s begin.

Many inches and pounds ago I rolled out my very first pie crust on top of our chopping board alongside my mother who was cutting up apples. It was Christmastime and we were making my all time favorite dessert – Apple Pie! I placed the dough in the pie tin and attacked it with a fork(my favorite part) to allow steam to flow. My mom then started mixing the filling of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and lemon juice and filled the tin with it. Her traditional way of making the pie was with a lattice crust on top, one she learned while she was still working in Saudi. She brushed the top of the crust with egg white and sprinkled some sugar on top. Now during that time, our household didn’t have a regular gas oven. Instead, what we had was a turbo oven which required a change of bulb each time it was used because of a difference in wattage. She placed the pie on the oven and it was my job to watch the pie to keep from overflowing and splattering all the glass wall. It was a task I’ve always enjoyed as I love seeing the pie rotate and the juices inside get bubbly and soon, the mixed scent of cinnamon and nutmeg and apples wafts all throughout the house. Sigh.


The pie is finally done and guess who gets to have the first bite?