Yesterday was a happy day for me. The night before was my official welcome to the book of Pathology, parting ways at 2 in the morning. I spent the entire night making a presentation for the next day on a concept that was very broad and interesting – Inflammation. I was already sleeping at 2 in the morning and it was only the third day since this schoolyear started! 😨 At least I got 5 hours of sleep on Day 2, I thought.

Yesterday morning was a morning of all praises, the preceptor congratulated me on my report, my groupmates were driven, and I can say that my 3 hours of sleep was worth it.

One question popped though, how on earth was I able to smile despite sleeping for only 3 hours, reading tons of pages from an unfamiliar boook, and delivering my report that morning?

A small voice answered – passion.

 When you love what you’re doing, you’re driven to do more. 😀

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