On Geometry, Qing Dynasty & Noli

As mentioned before, I don’t really recall my very first video project. What I do recall were the projects that entailed such effort to edit. During my high school years, the most popular video editing software was -surprise, surprise- Windows Movie Maker.🎉🎉🎉
Now at that time, I’ve been forced to learn the software since of my classmates  convinced me to go from music editing to video editing. The very first video I remember making, and it was quite a memorable one, was for a class project in Geometry, 2-Timberwolf. Now that class was composed of a great mix of people. We had the athletes, the leaders, the models, actors and stylists. You can just imagine how competitive we became when it comes to class projects. The project was about presenting the different shapes in an entertaining and educational manner. The class chose to represent the shapes through a Gay Pageant. Our “matons” were chosen to dress up in whatever dress my stylist classmates could come up with showing the shapes they were representing. It was a project wherein the class gave it all, booking a park for a photoshoot, closing all doors and windows in the classrooms to avoid the other sections from finding out our theme, booking the AVR just to crown the winner, and travelling to a member’s house just for the intermission number of the shapes to the tune of “Don’t Cha”. Take note ha, all 30+ students could fit in their house so you can just imagine how big their sala is. Why 30+? Well the remaining boys were needed to become instant back up dancers for the contestants, then there were the scriptwriters, the director, the cameraman/woman and the lighting directors. We didn’t recycle them too, mind you, another set of boys were present as the propsmen, inserting and removing chairs or adjusting lights as needed. The girls, of course,were present to assist in costume changes, make-ups and wigs. Yes, it was that much effort just for 2 minutes in the video. I mean, someone even brought a disco light for added flair! As for the photoshoot, everything that can fit the contestants were made to wear. Myself, at that time, I was wearing a Palos type cap and a headband underneath. Those were taken from me for the detective/mysterious type contestant and the girly, cutesy contestant as props, mainly to keep their wig in place hahaha. For the Grand Coronation Day however, the winner picked by the judges was the one who wasn’t even present during the photoshoot! Hahaha, I don’t know if certain envelopes were passed to the judges, if you know what I mean. ($$$) Nah, just joking, actually he was picked because the director said so. That’s it. Anyway, that was the summary of the video. Too bad I couldn’t retrieve the files from anywhere.

Moving back to the Qing Dynasty, a project for my Araling Panlipunan subject. Here the class was grouped into 4. It was also one project that we put so much effort into. First thing we did was to hire a tailor to make our costumes. Then we went to the pambansang venue ng lahat-Ecopark, to shoot the fighting scenes. A few months ago, while browsing my CDs, I found the video.


Aren’t we cute? Hahaha at that time of making that video, a teleserye was being aired. If any of you remember Kung-Fu Kids, we based some of the scenes from there.

My techie skill was challenged during my 3rd year in high school when I created an hour long video of Noli Me Tangere, casted by the class, as the final project for our Filipino subject. Once again, this was one wherein the class, a new mix of students, gave it their all. The Filipinas rented Filipinianas, and the Filipinos rented Barong Tagalogs. The Spanish rented tuxedos and the priars were left using a white blanket and a beard. This was one of the most memorable projects I’ve created. Why? Because for the first time in the history of my life, I finally get to experience a sleepover. Note: We were sleeping in a classmate’s ancestral home located in another municipality. Which was why #strictparents and I argued for quite a while before they finally gave me permission PROVIDED that I text them the address, who I’m with, which relatives are with us, their relation to the host, and where I am every 2 hours. Amazing right?
Anyway to get to the house, we rode skates, a vehicle I’m faimiliar with being the main form of transportation in my Lola’s town. However, this was differently styled. In comparison with the one I’m used to, this was somewhat hazardous. There was only one bench good for 4-5 people in the middle of the skates. Behind the bench is the motor which controls the vehicle. Then there was a horizontal wooden bar behind the bench where the other passengers were advised to hold as soon as they vehicle moves. That’s it. Agaw buhay kumbaga.

Anyway we first arrived in the ancestral home of another classmate to shoot one scene when Ibarra first arrived in the Philippines and was welcomed by a party. Then moved to the near church for the mass scene. However, the priest who welcomed us did not give us permission to actually shoot inside because of some of the subjects/text in Noli Me Tangere which placed the Churh in a bad light. He, however, allowed us to shoot in the nearby hall inside the vicinity of the church. The priest was kind enough to lend us the white cloth to be placed on the table as well as a small crucifix and monoblock chairs, though I don’t think that monoblock chairs were invented then, but what can we do? Lemonade out of lemons eh? After shooting one final scene with Ibarra, whom I was starting to pity now, wearing a tuxedo in high noon, we were finally headed to the main base.

Wow. That was how impressed I was with the ancestral home of my classmate. It had a wide, green lawn, chicken wire fence surrounded by rice fields. It was a bungalow type house with coconut trees surrounding the vicinity. It was huge. We were allowed to rest and the family provided us with dinner and sleeping tools. Girls in the master bedroom and the boys in the sala. Sleep was by rotation. I think some even slept on the yard, but, as the night deepened, reentered the house due to mosquitoes. I don’t know who was in charge of the time but soon after, they were waking us all up for the wedding scene. We were to be the audience. Simply put, they woke us up to clap. Period. Haha. Meanwhile, on the other side of the yard, Ibarra and Maria were shooting the elopement-fail scene. And finally, by the time the sun rose, we were done shooting! Together with the sun, we were welcomed to a bright new day by fresh buko provided by the family. Here is where I say Thank You to the Bulao & Tipones Family for extending their warm welcome to us and treating us like family. This is forever saved as a fond memory.


Little did I know that that project would give me the ticket to go places. Literally.

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