Meet The Foodie

Let’s begin.

Many inches and pounds ago I rolled out my very first pie crust on top of our chopping board alongside my mother who was cutting up apples. It was Christmastime and we were making my all time favorite dessert – Apple Pie! I placed the dough in the pie tin and attacked it with a fork(my favorite part) to allow steam to flow. My mom then started mixing the filling of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and lemon juice and filled the tin with it. Her traditional way of making the pie was with a lattice crust on top, one she learned while she was still working in Saudi. She brushed the top of the crust with egg white and sprinkled some sugar on top. Now during that time, our household didn’t have a regular gas oven. Instead, what we had was a turbo oven which required a change of bulb each time it was used because of a difference in wattage. She placed the pie on the oven and it was my job to watch the pie to keep from overflowing and splattering all the glass wall. It was a task I’ve always enjoyed as I love seeing the pie rotate and the juices inside get bubbly and soon, the mixed scent of cinnamon and nutmeg and apples wafts all throughout the house. Sigh.


The pie is finally done and guess who gets to have the first bite?

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